People react to muggy Monday weather


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It was a muggy Monday in the Coachella Valley. Especially, for tourists looking for the dry summer heat.

"I'm definitely a little more sweaty than usual," said Ed Hernandez, visiting from Long Beach.

"It's completely different than we thought it was going to be today," added Rick Guerrero, visiting from Whittier.

Valley visitors were in for a humid surprise as clouds filled usually sunny summer skies. 

"We're probably going to leave earlier," said Guerrero.

Others didn't mind the break from our usually dry desert heat.

"It's been hot, humid, but enjoyable," said Hernandez. "With the right pool and a nice cool drink it's tolerable."

Willie Rhine, general manager at Lulu California Bistro, says the humidity did not effect business as usual. 

"It's been very busy as you can see today," said Rhine. "A very hot and muggy day but we still have done a very good lunch business."

According to Rhine, the weather literally brought customers inside.

"Absolutely -- people want to sit inside for sure," he said.

The restaurant does have misters on the outdoor patio, but according to Rhine, it was still too hot for many customers.

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