Parents of local gymnasts react to Larry Nassar scandal

Parents of Local Gymnasts React to Larry Nassar KESQ 6PM

PALM DESERT, Calif. - It's a horrific reality rocking the entire gymnastics community: disgraced former USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for decades of sexual abuse.

In the wake of this scandal, we spoke to parents of gymnasts to learn how they're reacting to the news.

Krista and Michael Kim said their lives pretty much revolve around gymnastics. Their daughters Abygale and Olivia attend The Gymnastics Academy.

"In our family, we're at the gym almost every day," Krista Kim said. 

So when the news broke about Larry Nassar, it hit close to home. Not only because their daughters are in the sport, but because both parents are also doctors.

"This is like a breach of everything that we stand for as a profession. Protecting your patient. Doing what's best for your patient," said Michael Kim.

Both parents were shocked and disturbed by the years of abuse.

"If at any time you feel uncomfortable, even if it's supposed to be what's happening, you need to say no and stop. And that's okay," Michael Kim said. 

Krista said it makes you think twice as a parent.

"As a mom I was also worried for my own children. They're in the completely safe place. I'm worried that people tend to get complacent and don't have their radar up. And it was a good reminder that even in a position where you feel comfortable, it's always good to be alert," said Krista Kim. 

She's thankful their gym focuses first and foremost on their girls.

"We made a specific choice to choose a gym where they really do care about the children more than the reputation of the gym or the sport. So the decisions they make are designed to be the best for the kids," she said. 

Krista said even though this happened she hopes something good can come of it.

"This is a good opportunity for them to refocus on the children and remember they're the priority," said Krista Kim. 

Giving her daughters her blessing if they want to pursue goals of one day making it to the Olympics.

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