Palm Springs to welcome more murals

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A public display of art which sparked debate in Palm Springs is now starting a movement.  When an outdoor mural went up in November at Bar on Palm Canyon in downtown, it became the center of controversy and conversation in the city.  While some came to admire the art, the city began to question how to regulate something like it. "The city has been very supportive of public art and culture and creativity here and so they've worked to formulate a policy that they're going to put in place," said Reggie Cameron from Exhibit P.S. 

While the city hopes to put a process in place by May, you can expect more murals within the next week.  Different artists will paint wall-sized paintings at five locations throughout downtown.  Organizers say the city's public arts commission approved the project. "They've been aware and informed of the artists that are present and reviewed," said Cameron.  "It's not just anyone that is coming, we have a really special group of people coming this time around." 

Well-known artists from the genre, traveling from all over the country. "Hopefully be part of something that's going to just blow up and grow, for the city itself," said Chad Hasegawa, one of the mural artists from San Francisco.  

The owners of the blank walls hope so as well.  The empty wall at Lulu California Bistro will take on a whole new look.  The restaurant says it'll give people even more reason to stop. "It's going to bring people down to downtown Palm Springs, and not only are we going to benefit but all the shops and all of our neighbors around us are going to benefit also," said Willie Rhine the general manager of Lulu.  

While the artists themselves say it's a risky form of art, they can't thank the city enough for supporting creativity on a grand scale.  "It just helps and supports art you know, a lot, so it feels good," said Hasegawa. 

In addition to the murals, works from all of the artists will be on display at the Venus Art Gallery in Palm Desert for the next month. You can find more information here:

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