James Canfield, the executive director of the Palms Springs Convention Center and Bureau of Tourism says this summer has been busier than others. 

"We're really driving a broad market here. For many years we've been known as a sleepy community. Now Palm Springs has a broad appeal with younger visitors and still with families."

This weekend is one of the busiest in Palm Springs, as the second weekend of Splash House unfolds. Splash House is hosting over 4,000 guests inviting all to dine at restaurants and shop at all of Palm Springs' best boutiques. Matt Shough, The Saguaro's general manager says tickets have been sold out for months.

"It feels great to know that we're apart of boosting the economy," said Shough.

Canfield says the future of Palms Springs is looking bright. New hotels and projects are expected to be open in the next few months.