Palm Springs police on high alert for Mongols' annual run

Palm Springs police on high alert for Mongols' annual run

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Multiple law enforcement agencies are out in full force this weekend in Palm Springs.
Their role: to maintain public safety while the Mongols Motorcycle Club makes the city its home for the next few days.

"We have a large influx of members of this group come into town and we need to be prepared to protect the citizens of palm springs and the business community," said Lt. Mike Kovaleff of the Palm Springs Police Department.

News Channel 3 cameras captured a number of what appeared to be Mongols riders being arrested. Police say the arrests were weapons-related.

"We have three individuals in custody related to this event. The investigation into those incidents is ongoing," Kovaleff said.
The Southern California-based group boasts more than 500 members and calls itself a social club, not a gang.
This year, many of them are staying at the Palms Springs Hilton. Members of the group and the hotel denied our requests for interviews.

"What they do is up for debate," Kovaleff said.

One thing we know they do is they're out and about, checking out nearby restaurants and shops. Local business people say the riders help boost their summer business.   
Police say they're ready and hope there will be no major issues

"We're adequately staffed to address the issues that may arise with this," Kovaleff said.

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