Palm Springs Pipe Bomb Suspect In Custody

Edward Allen Costa Escaped From A Halfway House In August

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - UPDATE November 12th:  Edward Allen Costa has been captured and is scheduled to appear in Federal Court Tuesday afternoon.  Costa was arrested in Banning by a joint task force of FBI and the Banning Police Department.

STORY FROM OCTOBER 23rd:  The FBI is offering $10,000 in exchange for information leading to the arrest of Edward Allen Costa.

On September 11, 2013 Costa was found guilty of planting pipe bombs in the Palm Springs area.

In August Costa signed out of the facility to a state-run employment office and never returned.

Contact the FBI at 888-CANT HIDE (888-226-8443) if you have any information that may lead to his arrest. 

Costa could face 10 years for planting these pipe bombs and another 5 for escaping custody.  

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