Palm Springs Murder Suspect Implicated in Another Case

Kaushal Niroula Accused of Stealing High-Priced Condos

PALM SPRINGS - A man already on trial for the murder of a Palm Springs retiree is facing new charges in the Bay Area.

Police in San Francisco have connected Kaushal Niroula to a multi-million-dollar real estate scheme.

Niroula is one of 5 Bay Area men on trial for the 2008 murder of 74-year old Palm Springs resident Clifford Lambert.

Bay Area authorities say Niroula is now accused along with 3 others of stealing 3 multi-million dollar condos that belonged to a real estate executive.

They say Niroula assumed fake identies, duped real estate agents, obtained keys, secured the title to the condos, and then took out loans on the properties.

"It shows how relatively easy it can be for something like this to happen," said Detective Greg Ovanessian of the San Francisco Police Department ."I would suggest people do their own homework from time to time and check to make sure there's nothing unusual recorded against their property."

Niroula is being held on more than $7 million bail.

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