Palm Springs filmmakers release 'Walking Out'

'Walking Out' premieres at Camelot Theatres

Watch: Palm Springs filmmakers release '

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A bit of movie magic has been brought to the valley.

'Walking Out' starring Matthew Bomer, was created in part by executive producers and Palm Springs residents Jim Burba and Bob Hayes. The movie takes place in the rugged mountains of Montana where a father and son go on a hunting trip that takes a turn for the worst, challenging their survival abilities and bond with one another.

Burba and Hayes say the film was a more than-10-year-long labor of love. 

"It's a tale about fathers and sons and adversity," Hayes said, "and ultimately making a connection with those people you do love. It's a generational film. It's about stories passed down from fathers to sons."

The movie opens Friday, October 13, in fifteen cities around the country, including right here in Palm Springs. Last night, the Desert AIDS Project benefited from the ticket sales at the local premiere.

You can watch 'Walking Out' at the Camelot Theatres

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