One year later, woman still rebuilding ranch destroyed by Silver Fire

Silver Fire one year later

BANNING, Calif. - Thursday marked one year since the Silver Fire ripped through the mountain communities.

It started in the Poppet Flats area off of Highway 243, west of the Coachella Valley.

The flames burned 20,292 acres before firefighters contained it six days later.

They destroyed 48 structures, including 26 homes and forced evacuations in Poppet Flats, Snow Creek, and Cabazon.

We met Mary Jane Marcell last year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of her property went up in flames. Ten out buildings on her Haven Hills Ranch, which weren't insured, were destroyed. All that was left was her house.

We went back there Thursday. Not much has changed, much of it remains charred and destroyed.

Like other neighbors, she's still rebuilding one year later.

"Some people can do it and some don't. Some hired the help. Man did they have the help," said Marcell.

With help from her family, neighbors and her dog, Dakota, Marcell's planting a fresh start in what was her heavenly greenhouse.

Marcell will rebuild a new barn and a workshop, which she will get insured.

"You know I never shed a tear. Not one tear this whole thing. I did that for my children, never shed a tear. It would've been too hard for them," she said.

It'll take more time, but Marcell will do what she can to recreate her "heaven on a hill."

"One day at a time. We have some wonderful friends," said Marcell.

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