Still no word Monday night on the condition of the woman who was stung about 1,000 times by killer bees in Palm Desert last week. 

When the hive was disturbed, nearly 80,000 killer bees attacked, sending the 71-year- old to the hospital.

Authorities warned residents who lived nearby through a reverse 911 phone call to stay inside. However, when the situation was resolved,  no all-clear message was ever sent out, leaving folks wondering when it was safe to leave their homes. 

"It's really scary, bees are really scary," said Lisa, a resident who didn't want us to use her last name. 

Lisa lives in the neighborhood next to the gated community where the killer bees attacked. 

"I was watching the news and then I heard about some bees and attacking someone," said Lisa.

About 20 minutes later, she got a reverse 911 call from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

"It said that there was a swarm of bees and to be safe until further notice stay indoors," said Lisa. 

That is exactly what she did, and continued to do for several hours after the bees were already taken away by a bee keeper. 

"They didn't call us back to tell us everything was OK, so I was concerned should I or shouldn't I leave my house? So I called you guys about 9 o'clock and they said everything is OK now don't worry, so I was relieved," said Lisa. 

We received several calls from viewers asking that very thing, so we asked why wasn't there a second message?

"Depending on the circumstances that is something that we do make an assessment on whether we will do a follow up message there is a cost associated with this not something that is necessarily free," said Capt. Kevin Vest.

Instead the Riverside County Sheriff's Department says often times they rely on the media. 

"It was obviously a story, it was in the newspaper all over the local media stations as far as the follow up information that was occurring." said Capt. Vest.

Keep in mind reverse 911 calls only go out to a specific area that either the police or local fire department request.  The system will only call land-lines in that designated area automatically, to get the call to your internet phone or cell phone, you need to register it online.  Doing that, will also bring help to you faster when you call 911.

"If you are from New York and  if you are out here for the summer you call 911 from your house you don't want the New York police department responding because you are in Palm Desert right now so those numbers have to be associated correctly so it gets routed properly," said Capt. Vest.

Registering is easy, it takes less than a minute, click here for the link.