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Yarborough concedes, DeRosa keeps title as Cathedral City Mayor

Cathedral City mayoral challenger conceded after one day of ballot recounts

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - - Cathedral City Mayor Kathy DeRosa will keep her title, after challenger Chip Yarborough publicly called off the recount efforts early Friday morning.

"Yes, I conceded this morning on the Bill Feingold show," Yarborough told us. "Thanks for your fair coverage of the contest. Although I am not going away, I plan to stay engaged. KDR has won, and she is the Mayor."

"I still plan to be on top of the issues," Yarborough continued, "and in many sense [be] the Erin Brokovich of Cathedral City."

Workers at the registrar's office spent one day re-counting ballots from the November 6th election, and tallies showed DeRosa actually picked up votes.

"It is now time for all people to come together working in a positive direction, speaking positive things and doing great things for Cathedral City," Mayor Kathy DeRosa said.

"I, personally, am committed and I  am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves, putting politics and personal agendas aside and coming together for the benefit of the community."

The recount cost Yarborough $2,800 dollars.

DeRosa won the election by 13 votes back in November. 2013 will be her 9th year as mayor of Cathedral City.

Yarborough announced the recall on KNEWS 94.3's Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes Radio Show.

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