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"Wounded Warriors" relax, recuperate on the course

Injured Marines treated to a day on the links

PALM DESERT, Calif -- - Paul Harvey once said, "Golf is a game in which you yell 'fore', shoot six and write down five."

Friday at the Santa Rosa Golf Club in Palm Desert, the score really didn't matter.

"It's the only sport you can get outside and drink and the score really doesn't matter," says Lance Corporal Mike Councilor, "For us, it's real nice to get on green grass outside of 29 Palms."

Councilor is just one of 18 injured Marines that enjoyed a day of golf and comradery with fellow veterans and active duty members.

It's a "spirit event," in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Detachment of 29 Palms, a non-profit organization helping wounded Marines acclimate to civilian life.

LtCol Ted Wong, Commanding Officer, likes having veteran Marines help his Marines face the civilian world.

"This is an opportunity for them to go out with some seasoned golfers, at a very nice facility, learn about golf, see if it's actually something within their abilities, and have a good day," Wong said.

Seventy-five volunteers from several support boosters, along with women from the College of the Desert's golf team, joined the marines on the course.

The Marines were then treated to an all-American barbecue.

As injured soldiers rely on Wounded Warrior Detachment of 29 Palms, Wounded Warrior relies on the community. The organization is solely donation and volunteer based.

To donate, visit their website by clicking here: Wounded Warrior, Desert Cities Chapter.

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