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Virgin America first flight from New York to Palm Springs

Virgin America first flight from New York to Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Joshua Hill and Kevin Dipolito sat at the Palm Springs International Airport, waiting to board their plane, and make history, on the first non-stop flight from Palm Springs to New York.

Virgin America expanded its service to Palm Springs, with new non-stop flights from John F.  Kennedy airport.

"It's huge. We go to New York twice a year, and we're usually stuck with multiple hour layovers." Joshua Hill said.

"Layovers are tiresome, boring, and most airports don't have good food so we just sit there for hours on end twiddling our thumbs," Kevin Dipolito said.

"You don't have that 2 hour drive to LA anymore, you don't have to go through Chicago, or Dallas to get to the east coast. It's such a good thing," flight attendant Dana Krueger said.

Virgin america pulled out the stops for the celebration in the terminal, so one could only imagine what the plane must look like.

"Our cabin has custom moon lighting, special comfortable roomy leather seats throughout the cabin, we have an award winning entertainment system called Red, power outlets at every seat."

This non stop flight will run continue as long as it's profitable.

"We're going to be watching movies the whole time, and actually enjoying the flight. Christmas cheer. We're excited for home," Dipolito said.
Finally, a quick and easy way to get from the big apple to Hollywood's playground.

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