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Valley bundles up for a freeze warning

Freeze Warning

PALM DESERT, Calif. - "It's freezing. I'm a desert rat, so I'm freezing right now," said Lacey Whaley, of Palm Desert.

The National Weather Service reports a freeze watch will last throughout Friday night into Saturday morning.
In the desert, the freezing temperatures aren't what we're used to and not what visitors Brian Pienovi and Greg Mirecki, who we found in shorts, say they expected.

"We came down to play a little golf, get a little sun, a little disappointed when our Iphone showed us we were going to be in 50's all weekend," said Pienovi of Oregon.

Fortunately, they came prepared.

"We have long pants, sweaters, jackets, everything in the car," said Pienovi.

A little frost, a little foreign to our Valley. However, being prepared when you're out and about and in your home can help take the sting out of a freeze warning.

Here are soome ways to avoid any pricey plumbing emergencies from the cold and frost:

  • Use hose faucet covers.
  • Turn up the heat (set the thermostat to at least 65 degrees).
  • Let a faucet drip overnight (on both the hot and cold side).
  • Run your dishwasher before bed.
  • Cover and insulate any exposed piping on the outside of your home or in the attic.

"I had pipes in my house in central Oregon break, it caused $100,000 in damage. Make sure you take care of your pipes," said Pienovi.

As those freezing temperatures head our way, you'll want to bundle up and do the same for your plants.

"Our neighbors have sheets on their rose bushes," said Becky Schussler, of Indian Wells.

Don't forget your pets! Bring them indoors at night. Their fur coat might not be enough to keep warm.

Whaley says her walk home turned into a brisk race to warmth.

"I live like six minutes away. So I just walk fast, cuddle with my tea and get there as soon as possible," she said.

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