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UPDATE: Another CVUSD principal fired, third in a week

SALTON CITY, Calif. - Another CVUSD principal was given a pink slip Friday, said a school staff member at West Shores High School in Salton City.  This was the third principal fired in the school district in a week.

Sources said principal Rudy Wilson was handed walking papers Friday morning. The action followed a heated discussion Thursday night at the CVUSD board meeting.

At the meeting, Wilson reportedly spoke out against the firings at Coachella Valley High School and Desert Mirage High School.

Wilson has until the end of the school year, said his secretary.

He was notified of a meeting he needed to attend first thing Friday morning, where he was told about his firing.  

UPDATE (4:46 P.M.): CVUSD said the principal at "another school" (they would not say which one) resigned on his own Friday. This conflicts with a report coming from the high school, saying the principal was fired.

News Channel 3 will update you as this story develops.

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