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Two more alcohol-related accidents in Palm Desert


Two more people have been arrested after crashing their vehicles in separate incidents yesterday.

The first accident occurred around 1:30 a.m. yesterday when Javier Sanchez, 37 of Coachella, was on Highway 111 approaching Town Centre Way. Sanchez lost control of his Toyota Tundra, jumped the center divider, and drove into oncoming traffic before hitting the opposite curb and coming to rest on the lawn in from of One West Bank. He was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and later arrested when it was determined alcohol played a role in causing the accident.

The second accident occurred half an hour later when Camilo Gomez, 28 of Palm Desert, attempted to make a left hand turn from Monteray Avenue onto Parkview Drive. Gomez misjudged the turn and crashed her Ford Fiesta into a fire hydrant. She was also taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries and later arrested when it was determined alcohol played a role in her accident as well.

These come just over a week after a teen was killed in an alcohol related crash in Indio.

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