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Two marijuana dispensaries vandalized

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "The window of the building was smashed in. The corner of the building has some structural damage to it. We're unable to use the lobby at this time," John Roe of THC said.

It all started about two weeks ago. Police say someone intentionally backed a stolen car into Desert Valley Treatment on Williams Road.

"Five days later, on the 8th, the same vehicle returned. This time the suspect backed the car into the building and poured a flammable liquid all over the car and attempted to ignite it but was unsuccessful," Mike Kovaleff the Palm Springs Police Department said.

Then early Monday morning, police say a man driving another stolen car rammed into THC on north Palm Canyon Drive.

"It's like, 'What just happened to our building?'. We're about our members who come here and depend on us. We have a lot of members who have chronic conditions, HIV AIDS, cancer. And now we have to use our budget to fix the building," Roe said.

"It's very unlikely that we have vehicles backing into buildings let alone three times during two weeks at marijuana dispensaries, so they all appear to be related," Kovaleff said.

Police could only give us a vague description of the man they suspect committed the vandalism.

"Whether it's somebody who has an agenda towards marijuana dispensaries, maybe it's a competition issue among the dispensaries, or maybe its unrelated. We're looking at all angles on this," Kovaleff said.

Police impounded both cars involved and continue to look for the suspect.  

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