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Think before you tweet on Election Day

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Instagram, Twitpic and Facebook have changed our expression. It's very common for people to document their lives via these social media sites. Whether it's a picture of your trendy new velvet manicure you copied from your favorite celebrity, or that amazing 5000 calorie dessert you tried at your favorite restaurant, many people portray their lives in pictures. Make no mistake, the polling place is no different.

Some people have been posting pictures of their ballots on Facebook or Twitter to show they voted.  That's great spirit, but get this -- that's actually a misdemeanor in some states, including California. Election code states: "After the ballot is marked, a voter shall not show it to any person in such a way as to reveal its contents."

So opt for posting a picture of the "I Voted" sticker you got! Vote on!

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