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The Valley honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Rosie Terry led a gathering at Palm Desert Civic Center Park, trying to make a crucial point.

"Anything that needs to be changed in our society, we can work for it. Dr. King worked for it, for civil rights, and he saw civil rights come about, because of his efforts," Terry said.
More than 40 people turned out for the peace rally in honor of all gun violence victims -- including those at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Luminarias paid tribute to those who lost their lives.

The group wasn't pushing a political agenda, they just wanted to encourage a lifestyle like Dr. King's.

"He died fighting for civil rights, fighting for social change in a nonviolent way," Terry said.

"He was a good man, he had a great idea. Love is the answer.You judge a man by his character, not his exterior," Richard Finn said.

As we celebrated the past of a man who showed us change is possible, we celebrated the future of the first African American president swearing into his second term, showing us anything is possible.

"It's great that an African American is now president, the next step is now what, a woman? Cross your fingers, right?" Finn said.

"If we practice it and make it a habit to work for a better more just world, just like a bee going flower to flower, we can create not just survival, but a world that we are proud to pass onto new generations," Terry said.

Terry said if we make it a point to be better, perhaps the whole world can do better.

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