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Some local stores rely on the summer


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Jorie Parr shops at Angel View Thrift Store three times a week, but in a perfect world, "I'd like to come three times a day which I think is the optimal time to come because good things fly out," Parr said.

People fly out of the desert this time of year, too, but luckily for Parr, places like Caroldean's Resale Therapy and Angel View Thrift Store benefit from that.  

"Maybe they'll rent a condo and they'll need some household goods, maybe they're staying a couple months in a rented house, they'll actually change out wardrobes, get here and realize they didn't need a mink coat," Angel View general manager Tracy Powers said.

"They want to make sure their closets are nice and clean to go shopping next year," Caroldean's Resale Therapy owner Carldean Ross said.

The thing Caroldean's sees most of this time of year is high-end designer clothes, some with the price tag still on them.

"We have the luxury of dealing with great clients who do a lot of shopping throughout the season and whatever didn't make the cut and didn't make it to the party winds up here," Ross said.

Which means Parr gets to take the dress out for a good time.

"There are a lot of retired people with big incomes and ladies who it's just not possible to wear the same thing twice, they just can't. We get their castoffs and we're darn happy to get them," Parr said.

So, while there's no perfect world, there are perfect deals.

"I have found a Karl Lagerfeld coat, a Missoni dress, Chanel pants," Parr said.

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