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Slain officers' families to be taken care of

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Two law enforcement officers were killed by Christopher Dorner-- that's two  fathers and husbands that will never come home. 

It's a stark reality for their families, but the law enforcement community is committed to take care of them.

The families will get physical and financial support from law enforcement all over the country, including from the Coachella Valley.

William Hutchinson, President of Palm Springs Police Officer's Association, said, "It's making sure that the officers and their families are not forgotten."

The 11-year police veteran was killed when Dorner allegedly ambushed him and his partner stopped at a red light last Thursday.  His partner, Officer Andrew Tachias, is still recovering at the hospital .

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremiah MacKay was killed in a mountain shootout Tuesday.

Ronnie Anderson, said, "The reaction on me was just pure sadness, you know seeing all this happen."

Both Crain and MacKay left behind two young children.  Four kids now face with the reality of growing up without their fathers, but they won't grow up without father figures.

Chief Sergio Diaz, Riverside police, said, "You wont be alone ever, today and for the rest of your lives you will be apart of the RPD family."

Chief Diaz assured Crain's family during his funeral, that the department will always will be there for them.

"I knew that I would have support no matter what, but I really didn't realize the sheer scale of this and how many people are touched by his life.  It gives me really great comfort to see that and I want to thank you all," said Regina Crain during the funeral.

In addition to physical support, the families will get financial support.  Each police department, including Palm Springs, has a memorial fund set up for this very thing.

"A lot of times there's insurance doesn't kick in at the right time, sometimes insurance doesn't cover things the families will need the foundation helps them pay for just everyday chores that they may need," said Hutchinson.

The Palm Springs Police Officer's Association Memorial Foundation gave $10,000 to help the family of Cathedral City Officer Jermaine Gibson, after he was killed in the line of duty in 2011.  Now the foundation will help Crain and MacKay's families.

"They put their lives on the line to protect us and when they do go down their families they have families just like us they need some additional support," said John Shay, chairman of the Palm Springs Police Memorial Foundation.

Locally, officers spend their own time raising these funds that will be used for scholarships, or to help a fallen or injured officers.

"its important that we do step up and support law enforcement and show we do care," said Shay.

The Palm Springs Memorial Foundation will also help the two officers who were injured.  

If you would like to donate, click here.

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