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Shoppers show up big for Cyber Monday

PALM DESERT, calif. - Spending so much green during the holidays can likely put you in the red. However, with online deals chopping prices tremendously, shoppers can fill their online shopping bags with less stress.

"I have purchased all my son's Christmas gifts, my husband's Christmas gifts, some of my mom's, my niece's and my sister-in-law's," shopper Melissa Neiderman said.

Cyber Monday is pegged as the biggest online shopping day ever.

As of Monday morning, sales soared more than 24 percent compared to last year. Shoppers log on with a purpose.

"Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Best Buy. Oh my gosh, Stein Mart."

You can find more than just clothing and technology on sale. Travel discounts seem more prevalent than before. Travelocity offers hotel and flight packages with up to 50 percent savings. Even Weight Watchers offers discounts.

"The only thing I get nervous about, are they bringing up the prices at this time and giving a discount. I don't know if it's true to the value, but the convenience is fabulous," Neiderman said.

In reality, though, Cyber Monday can be called Cyber Weekend. Monday now has competition.

"It doesn't carry much weight because as soon as Thanksgiving is over, the emails just came in abundance. It didn't matter if I waited until today or did it over the weekend,  I still got a huge number off," Neiderman said. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be Cyber Monday. Everyone is competing with each other, so whoever gets there first."

Analysts say online sales continue to grow as shoppers become comfortable with -- and even hooked on -- the convenience and the deals.  

"One, because it's a lot easier than dealing with the traffic. Two, I received all free shipping, and a percentage off, like 20% off," Neiderman said.

Almost $14 billion already has been spent online this holiday season.

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