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Seniors find their safest "fit"

Local seniors go through driver, car safety checkpoint

Palm Desert, CALIF. - - Local seniors got some help from volunteers to make sure the car they drive "fits" them.

Tuesday afternoon at Sun City Del Webb, seniors took part in CarFit -- a free event where trained professionals used a checklist to ensure drivers were aware of, and utilizing, safety features in their car.

Supervisor John Benoit, the Riverside County Office of Aging, and Eisenhower Medical Center joined together to put on the event.

"There are many things that change in your life," Benoit explains, "your reaction time, your ability to perceive, your muscle strength. The other things that are changing are the vehicles we drive."

Benoit continues, "In many cases we find many people are unaware of a vehicle's safety features, and how to best utilize them."

Among the checkpoints:

  • Steering Wheel and Head Restraint Checks
  • Distance Between Chest and Steering Wheel (minimum 10 inches)
  • Line of Sight Above Steering Wheel (at least 3 inches)
  • Operation of Vehicle Controls

The next CarFit event will be on January 23rd at the Eisenhower Medical Center.

To schedule an appointment, call Gloria Tapia with the Riverside County Office of Aging at (760) 771-0501.

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