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Schools React to the Passage of Prop. 30

Educators say Prop. 30 provides relief but isn't perfect

     A victory for Governor Jerry Brown and educators, after voters approve Proposition 30.
     The measure passed 54 to 46-percent.
     It will raise income taxes on those making over $250,000.00 for the next seven years and raise the sales tax by a quarter-cent, over the next four years.
     It's estimated to raise $8.5 billion dollars.
    Although it's not guaranteed that all of the money will go to education, educators say they can concentrate on rebuilding some of the programs that were previously cut.  They also hope to and focus on the fundamentals from the elementary to college level.
     President of College of the Desert, Joel Kinnamon says, "I think it's clear, even though it was close, that people recognize the need for community colleges, so they can continue to ne the engine for the workforce and economic development activities."
     If voters rejected Proposition 30, the governor would have cut funding for schools and colleges by $6 billion dollars.

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