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Schools benefit big from Desert Sampler

INDIO, Calif. -  John Glenn Middle School sixth grader Sierra Murrell makes an impact on her school, one ticket at a time.

"We were selling them to raise money for ASB, and I started selling them at the soccer games and stuff," Murrell said. "At the beginning, I was given ten, then I just kept selling more and more and more."

Forty tickets later, John Glenn Middle School gets that much closer to its goal.

"In the past, we've made a couple thousand dollars. Tickets are ten dollars each, and it goes a long way, especially with budget cuts to put on student programs. So this helps us tremendously," teacher Farah Meadows said.

ASB, the Associated Student Body, is in charge of all student activities at the school, ranging from community service to school dances to rallies.

"A lot of other fund raisers, they're there to help the school, but a lot of times we only get a portion of the profits. This is the only fundraiser that I know of that 100 percent of the profits go back to the schools," Meadows said.

Money goes back to the school, back to ASB, and therefore straight to the students.

"We also want to get a new marquee for the amphitheater to promote our wonderful events like our plays and spelling bee and different activities we have here at our school," Meadows said.

From the outside, Desert Sampler seems all fun and food -- which it is! However, there's more to it than just some ice cream and pasta samples.

"It is the best fundraiser we could ever do," Meadows said.

"It's going to be a lot of fun. It's100 percent profit, so it really helps the schools," Murrell said.

Profit all goes to the kids, and you get some great tastes. Sounds like a win-win.

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