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Roe v. Wade ruling anniversary a heated day

PALM DESERT, calif. - Forty years ago, Roe v. Wade divided our country.

"Forty years of choice for women," Melinda Tremaglio of National Organization for Women said.

"We have no right to destroy a human life," Father Howard Lincoln said.

Now, forty years later, the steam behind the word abortion lost no heat.

"I want to raise awareness to the younger generation of women so they know what Roe v. Wade is," Tremaglio said.

The Supreme Court ruled a woman and her doctor could choose abortion in early months of pregnancy without legal restriction.

"The pregnancy rate is down, the abortion rate is down, because of access to information and education," Tremaglio said.

A large group of people look to Washington as they hope for change in the future.

"That more and more continue to see that the little pre-born baby is too weak, too small, too dependent to defend itself. We have an obligation to human beings because there is a sanctity to life," Father Lincoln said.

Abortion remains a political hot button issue.

"There are some really right wing people who want to, I think, restrict women's rights," Eve Benesh said.

"We're getting so liberal in this country it will never change. No way," Roger Comerford said.

"Hopefully, in the next four years, someone will retire so Obama can elect someone who believes more in equality," Tremaglio said.

Some turn to politics and some turn to prayer as people on both sides of the issue look toward the next forty years.

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