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Residents: Music at Coachella still too loud

Residents: Music at Coachella still too loud

LA QUINTA, Calif. - As Coachella fans head to the Valley for weekend two of the famous music festival, neighbors say more needs to be done to limit its impact on the surrounding community.

Traffic has drastically improved, but neighbors say the music is still too loud, especially in the early morning hours.            

Glenn Farley, who lives near the Empire Polo Grounds, says, "It's still is pretty unbearable until the concert ends."

Farley, is a part of a group of residents working with the City of Indio and the music festival promoter Goldenvoice.

"It just boils down to sound being quite a significant issue for our community," said Farley.

"There seems to be a will to mitigate the sound so that the neighborhood such as ours, the windows aren't rattling and we are not awake all night or to one a clock in the morning whenever it goes to.  However, I haven't seen a lot being done," said La Quinta resident Doug Lang.

But the city of Indio says changes have been made.  This year, performers can't bring in their own speakers; they have to use the ones Goldenvoice provides specifically to cut down on the noise.

"These speakers are staggered throughout the venue, and they are delayed so that everyone hears it at the same time and the volume doesn't have to be as high, so that is making a difference," said Dan Martinez, Indio city manager.

But, the city agrees, it's not perfect yet.

"There is more to be done, no doubt," said Martinez.

For many residents leaving for the weekend of Coachella is not an option.

"No, I won't leave, because I am afraid of getting broken into again," said Lang.

Right now it's only three weekends out of the year, but next year Goldenvoice has plans to expand to five, and residents worry what will happen if that trend continues.

"Therein lies the slippery slope, if you will, where we turn into a party neighborhood, and with that you will see a lot of people moving," said Lang.

"Our efforts will not stop, we will continue to make the experience better," said Martinez.

"We are not cranky old neighbors, if you will, we are happy the kids are having so much fun, but there has got to be a bit of a balance," said Lang.

Indio police say for the first weekend, there were 90 arrests, mostly alcohol-related, and no break-ins reported in nearby homes.

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