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Remembering Riverside County Deputy Bruce Lee

May 13 marks 10 years since

Remembering Riverside County Deputy Bruce Lee

LA QUINTA, Calif. - May 13, 2003 is a day Riverside County Lt. Matt Jimenez says he will never forget. It was the night his friend and colleague Deputy Bruce Lee was killed, beaten to death by a mentally disturbed man in La Quinta.

"Even though it's been 10 years, it's still very hurtful," he said.
Celebrating his life 10 years later, sheriff's deputies participated in a 5k walk and run on Monday, ending at the La Quinta Civic Center Park where they placed a flower wreath in his honor. The "Deputy Bruce Lee Memorial," lined with blue ribbons and fresh flowers serves as a daily reminder of his bravery.

"It gave everyone the opportunity to take some time out of the day and remember his ultimate sacrifice," said Jimenez.

Lee served 22 years with the department and would have been 56 next week.

"He was that guy who was there, a great friend," said Jimenez.

To this day, his smile, kindness and legacy carries on in Jimenez's family. Matt and his wife named their 7-year-old daughter Danielle B. Lee Jimenez when she was born.

"That's something I need to share with her and open her eyes to the ultimate sacrifice men and women make, who serve their communities," said Jimenez.

Lee's death was a loss to the community, but loving memories for his friends and family remain.

"We'll never forget. We're always going to make efforts to remember Bruce whenever possible," said Jimenez.

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