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Prices at the pump rise while gas supply runs dry at La Quinta Costco

Costco gas station in La Quinta closes due to supply shortage

Gas Hike

LA QUINTA, Calif. - There was plenty of sticker shock at the gas pump for drivers across California and in the Coachella Valley. Prices in Cathedral City left some stations nearly empty.

"It's crazy. Gas is $4.83 and with no job, I don't know how we're going to survive," said George Gathoni, before heading back to San Bernardino after his job hunt in the desert.

Across town drivers pinching their pennies lined up at the Palm Springs Vons gas station for the cheapest price we could find, which was $4.15 for self-serve regular.

"That's insane. The last time I gassed up, not even a week ago, it was $3.93. Now it's $4.15," said Andrew Cortez, of Cathedral City.

AAA reports prices jumped 18 cents overnight, the highest single-day increase yet. Riverside County's average cost for a gallon of regular is $4.47 cents. It is 37 cents more than a week ago and the highest average since 2008.

We caught some drivers feeling even further down on their luck in La Quinta.

"I pull into Costco and it's closed," said Mel Borses of Indio.

Supply is running dry at the chain store, which typically has some of the cheapest prices.

"Our entire region has a shortage. As soon as they get some, we will," said a Costco employee.

The independent gas provider is struggling to meet the demand thanks to a refinery power outage and pipeline incident this week.

Experts say we have yet to break the record average price of $4.61, set four years ago, but we're closer than ever.

"I may have to walk, but I refuse to pay this kind of money. It's insane," said Borses.

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