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Pink Eye: What's Going Around for the Week of Feb. 26

WGA 2-26-13

Doctors don't have all the answers for some of the bugs circulating around the valley right now.  That's just one thing local doctors are talking about when looking at "What's Going Around" the area where you live.

  • Looks like the respiratory bug that's been going around is slowing down, at least in Palm Springs.  Although Dr. Michael Jardula says some people are still getting sick.   "Now just very busy with a variety of medical illness that is not epidemic, but generally common illness among adults, young and old," says Jardula.
  • Seasonal allergies are also starting to pick up in Palm Springs.  Although Dr. Frank Arian is treating only a few new cases of the upper respiratory infection that's been going around, he's continuing to treat many patients with what he calls the "creeping crud" that includes wheezing, shortness of breath, and severe coughing with "pos-tussive gagging."  He recommends steam therapy because it at least temporarily clears congestion.  "Running the hot shower and inhaling or the old-fashioned towel over the head work well," Arian adds.  He also says patients willing to take a day or two off of work seem to get better than those who just won't slow down.   "Perhaps the most important things to remember during these illnesses are hydrate hydrate hydrate, and fever control."
  • Pink eye is starting to show up among all age groups in Coachella.  Dr. Curry is treating kids to octogenarians.  He says it may be related to one of the upper respiratory viruses going around.  He's also seeing lots of the common cold.  He suggests getting your rest, drinking fluids, taking a hot bath, and even trying some vitamin C or zinc supplements.
  • At the Mecca Clinic, young patients are coming in for treatment of an unexplained fever of more than 100 degrees.  Infants and children younger than three seem to be the most affected.  Dr. Randolph Gibbs says watch for changes in crying patterns, drowsiness, rapid breathing, decreased skin elasticity and seizures.  See a doctor early if these symptoms progress.

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