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Parties campaign in final weekend before election

Parties campaign on final weekend before election

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Both the Republican and Democratic party spent the day picking up phones asking for the final support they need before November 6th.

Volunteers at phone banks went strong all day long. The Democrats were dialing people up as a reminder.

"We're calling Iowa, one of the swing states. We're making sure primarily that they have received their ballot in the mail, and making sure they've got it in," Carole Nelson of the Democratic party said.
The Republicans focused on the local race for the 36th Congressional District.

"Believe it or not, we still have some people that are very undecided about how they're going to be voting for this election in the 36th. It's been a very tight race. It's been a very aggressive race," Johnny Hildreth of the Republicans Organizing Committee said.

Both parties said they believe voters already know who they are voting for for president -- so the weekend's phone calls had a different reason.

"Now it's just coming down to the locals. We have six cities with city council races. We have people calling in wanting to know about those as well," Hildreth said.

"It's a matter of just getting their vote counted," Nelson said.

Both parties said this weekend of phone banking is excellent practice for Tuesday.

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