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Palm Springs the new Hollywood?

Local production company looks to expand the industry

Palm Springs the new Hollywood?

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - Palm Springs has always been the vacation spot for the stars, but now a local production company wants to make it where they work as well.

CV Studios Entertainment is currently producing three shows.

"Its all about being healthy," says host Karly Smith.
At just 11 years- old Karly Smith hopes to become the next Rachael Ray.

"I was trying to get my friends to eat healthier and to know that it is fun and I am trying to get that information to all kids," said Smith.

Her show, "Cooking it up with Karly" is now in production, but not in LA or New York.  It's all done in the Coahcella Valley.

"Its going to employ at least 40, 50 people in really good jobs," said CEO Carole Krechman.

CV Studios Entertainment wants to bring more of the industry to the valley.

"The film, television and arts and new media is one of the four growth sectors for our community for the next 20 years, and so somebody has to bring it here," said COO and producer Leanna Bonamici.

The economic potential is huge, Krechman says a typical ten day shoot can bring in a quarter of a million dollars to the local economy.

"If you just multiply that by ten shoots a year, that's like millions of dollars that comes into this Valley that isn't here; and it's money that stays here because it's money that is spent locally."

CV Studios Entertainment hopes to attract the Hollywood elite by building a new state of the art facility in the Valley.

"Its time  that not only do they come for their holiday and vacation and to have fun but they can come here and work, too," said Krechman.

It's not just film and tv,  "Cooking it up with Karly," will only be seen online on a kids only social media site called Everloop.

"It's a fun place where kids can hang out text and chat each other," said Smith.

"They have half a million subscribers under 14 and so we have a built in audience," said Krechman.

The 13 and under networking site is just one of many new mediums CV Studios Entertainment wants to explore.

"Because this is a changing evolving world and we want to be right there with it so we can accommodate it for the next 20 years," said Bonamici.

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