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Oscar fever takes over the Valley

Oscar Fever Takes Over the Valley

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - We're not in Hollywood but there was Oscar fever flooding the Valley on Sunday. A special screening of the Academy Awards at the Mary Pickford Theater in Cathedral City brought the glitz and glam of Los Angeles right here to the desert.

"All of the lights and cameras, it's exciting," said Jazmin Simon, a senior at Cathedral City High School.

Neighbors set their eyes on the big screen for the night, catching a glimpse of the fabulous, star-studded celebs and cheering on their motion picture favorites!

Phyllis Basson, who attended the event, says her favorite part is "Seeing what the actresses are wearing, their jewelry and critiquing them."

It wouldn't be Hollywood's biggest night without the red carpet.

Here's a fun fact, the Oscar red carpet is about 500 feet long, costing a whopping $25,000. The red carpet at Mary Pickford was only 50 feet long but fans say it's all the same.

"It was great. They have the red carpet out, the paparazzi. It felt like the real thing," said Basson.

Behind those bright flashing lights, Cathedral City High School Digital Arts and Technology Academy students taking snapshots of the stars of the night.

"They do look like celebrities, they're all dressed up and have cute clothes. And ask, 'What are you wearing?'" said Tammy Melendez, a senior at Cathedral City High School.

It was an award-winning celebration in honor of the gold statue and benefiting the Cathedral City Chamber of Commerce.

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