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One California Tax Prop Goes Down, Another Sneaks By With A Victory

Prop 38 goes down and Victory for Prop 30

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - LOS ANGELES (AP) — California State University will start cutting checks to students to refund a tuition increase now that voters have approved new tax measures to fund public education.

At CSU and public schools, colleges and universities across the state, educators are rolling up contingency plans they had prepared in the event voters rejected Proposition 30, which calls for tax hikes to stave off $6 billion in education cuts.

Gov. Jerry's Brown's measure, which will raise income taxes on wealthy residents for the next seven years and hike the sales tax by a quarter-cent over the next four years, passed 54 percent to 46 percent. The tax boosts will raise an estimated $8.5 billion for education.

Educators say they can now concentrate on rebuilding some of the programs that were previously cut.

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