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Officer-involved shooting ends deadly

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - An officer-involved shooting ended deadly Saturday morning. The shooting happened in a parking garage on the 275 block of south Indian Canyon Drive just before 2:00 in the morning.

While patrolling the downtown area where bars let out, two officers came across a disturbance in the parking garage between two cars. The officers approached one car, and that's when an altercation happened between the two police and the driver. Both officers shot at the man -- who died on scene.          

Police are investigating whether or not the suspect's car was used as a weapon against the two officers.  

"There's no evidence the driver shot at the officers. The actual chain of events that welded up to the officers using their weapons is being investigated at this time," Sergeant Mike Kovaleff of the Palm Springs Police Department said.

The police officers were injured -- they were not shot, though. No information has been released yet about the identity of the suspect. Police are questioning the officers and the passenger in the suspect's the car.  

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