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Obama holds lead over Romney in Latino voter poll

President holds thirty-point lead over challenger Romney

Hispanic Voting Polls

COACHELLA, Calif. - Neighbors and local leaders turned out to support the grand opening of Assemblyman Manuel Perez's campaign headquarters in Coachella on Tuesday night, which is where we caught up with community members to ask which key issues are at the top of their lists this election season.

"Jobs, education, health care," said Mirna Flores, of Desert Hot Springs.

According to a new Fox News Latino poll, those are by far the most important issues for Latino likely voters in this year's presidential election. Local leaders explained why these topics are so important to Latino voters.

"I think when we talk about a Latino agenda, I think it's identical to what all Americans want for their families and generations to come," said Coachella Mayor Eduardo Garcia.

Immigration was near the bottom of the list. Still, nearly two-thirds of Latino likely voters said the GOP's stance on immigration is one of the key reasons Latinos typically support Democrats.

Latino likely voters trust President Barack Obama will do a better job than Mitt Romney in every area the poll asked about, including helping small business and helping people achieve the American dream.

President Obama beats Romney in the following issues.

Health care: 62 percent/29 percent
Education: 65 percent/25 percent
Immigration: 63 percent/25 percent
Representing the views of Latinos: 68 percent/18 percent

Romney's best issues include national security and the military, encouraging job creation and improving the economy. However, he's still trailing on those, too.

Another issue in this upcoming election, is getting Latinos fired up to vote.

"If we don't vote, our voices won't be heard. A lot of people say, 'My vote doesn't count. One vote doesn't matter.' But it does matter," said Flores.

"Latinos will make a difference in this election, like they did in the last," said Garcia.

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