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New app helps clean out your Facebook


Jan Diago checks his Facebook often, a clean fun way to keep up with his friends.

"It's a good way to look at it and see how they're doing," Diago said.

More than just friends check his page, though, curious if they'll find dirt.

"If I'm considering somebodyto be a part of my company culture, I just want to make sure they fit in. It doesn't mean I'm judging anybody," Kate Spates, president of Graphtek Interactive, said. 

Spates is among a growing number of employers who often consider Facebook a first interview, and recommend keeping your profile squeaky clean.

"If I'm looking at somebodyfor first impression, I want to make sure they're classy not super snarky or something, but when I'm looking for somebody creative, it's a whole different ball park. How creative are they? What are they doing? What are they saying? What are they wearing?" Spates said. 

"What makes it unfair is people live alternate lifestyles. The person I am on Facebook might be completely different than the person you see in person," Diago said.

Simplewash can help - think of it as the Windex for that window to your personality, as Spates called Facebook. It searches your profile for possible trouble material -  looking for words from sex to wine and more.

You then have the option to delete those posts. Should Facebook users do an about face and clean up what meets the public eye? 

"I don't think there should be a scale of what's appropriate or not because it's your opportunity to be yourself and do whatever you want," Diago said.

As social media continues to grow though, so will the number of employers who log on to get to know their future employee.

 "I want to see their tone, I want to see their brand. Everybody has a brand whether they know it or not. Its a window into seeing that brand," Spates said.

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