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Neighbors on edge after bus crash, officers warn drivers to steer clear

News Channel 3's Laura Yanez reports from the scene on neighbor concerns

YUCAIPA, Calif. - Connie Diaz lives just a few miles from Sunday night's deadly bus crash. She stopped by, stood in the cold for hours, to see what happened. Diaz says it's a tragedy, unlike anything she's ever seen.

"It's scary. Me and my kids and my grandkids go up and down this route."

While investigators sort through the pieces, officers and Diaz warn it's dangerous for anyone making the trip.

"It's a single lane going up and single lane coming down, there are curves," said Diaz.

California Highway Patrol Officer Mario Lopez says "It is a winding road. This time of the year we have a lot of people going up to the mountains."

The winding road mixed with possible brake problems added up to the crushing tragedy up on the roadway.

"Unfortunately it's a horrific scene. We have victims still up there. We have their personal belongings scattered all over the place," he said.

Strong words from just one of the CHP officers responding to last night's deadly crash in Yucaipa. Officers urge drivers to take precautions on the highway, especially on Monday. If you can, try and use a different route.

"We have various agencies up here so if you don't need to be, please don't be up here," he said.

Highway 38 is expected to reopen Monday afternoon.

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