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National Rifle Association releases statement

After 28 people lost their lives in the Newtown shooting at the hands of one man's guns, gun control is on the hot seat. The National Rifle Association released its first statement post shooting, surprising many with its poignant words:
"The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again."
However, gun owners we talked to say guns aren't the only problem.

"We have people walking the streets that have mental problems, young people that have mental problems. We have people driving crazy that are dangers," Guns Of Distinction owner Mark Wasserkrug said.  

"We've tried to move values out of our schools because parents want to teach their own values to their kids, which would be great, if they did, but they don't. Not every child has the same opportunities," Guns Of Distinction owner John Holcomb said.

"All these kids are raised now on these video games. It's how many people you can kill as quick as you can. I have to think all of that negativity coupled with the violence onTV, it's got to affect young people. It's got to affect the young mind," Wasserkrug said.  

Gun rights advocates say guns in the hands of responsible people makes for a safer world.

"I walk into a school, maybe I'm picking up my granddaughter, and I'm unarmed. I'm not prepared to deal with it," Holcomb said.

Many argue assault weapons belong in no one's hands. When long-time gun owner and target shooting lover was asked if he would give up his right to legal assault weapons if it meant a safer society, he said, "If I knew that it would make the difference, absolutely. I don't have any weapon in my personal collection that I wouldn't give up for one person's life."

Bottom line, gun owners agree something needs to be done, but they're not sure that more laws are the answer.

"I think because our culture is where it's at, and I don't see it moving back, I think we're in a position where we're going to have to protect our children. That means we're going to have to put security guards that are armed to address threats," Holcomb said.

Friday morning, December 21st, the NRA is set to have a news conference in Washington, D.C.. Many people are wondering what kind of a stand they'll take at that point.

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