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Manuel Perez talks about new role in state politics

Democratic Assemblyman says he's honored to be Democratic Whip

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Assembly member Manuel Perez proudly shared with us his new role in state government.

"Just a couple days ago, at my swearing in in Sacramento, I was honored with the position of democratic whip," Manuel Perez said. 
The new position brings a new set of responsibilities.
"The majority of the members are new elected legislatures, (my goal is) to educate them. The other is to ensure there is a coordination within the membership so we don't stumble over one another,"  Perez said.

The job of a whip is to ensure party discipline in a legislature, which Perez admits could be a challenge.
"I've always been known as an independent thinker. At times I myself did not move forward along the democratic line, for different reasons, and that could be challenging, whether it's the member or the person trying to secure that vote," Perez said.

Another position Perez is taking on -- vice chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus.  
"I would say the latino vote was extraordinary this last cycle and the cycle before. If it wasn't for the latino vote, Barrack Obama, Governor Jerry Brown, and the super majority that was elected to the state legislature here would not have been elected. That's real," Perez said.

Whether working as assemblyman, the democratic whip, or on one of his many committees, Perez knows his goals.

"There are many different elements we need to work on and issues, but I will say this. Enterprise zones is going to be critical in this next cycle. I'm going to continue to work on that. That's why it was my first bill when I was sworn in, as well as the Salton Sea," Perez said.
He said he looks forward to the road ahead.
"It may be a challenge, but it's a great one to have. I'm looking forward to the responsibility, and I'm looking forward to the post," Perez said.

He said he also looks forward to the work the democrats can do with the super majority.

"We need to make sure in my opinion that the California state legislature do everything we can to ensure the growth of our economy. Now that we have the super majority within the democratic party, understand the importance of growing the economy and job creation," Perez said.

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