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Man Killed in Indio Shooting

INDIO, Calif. - Police were called to the 82500 block of Kenner Avenue around 2:35 A.M. Thursday about a possible shooting.

Arriving officers determined there was a shooting at the residence, and the gunshot victim had already been taken to John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, according to Ben Guitron of the Indio Police Department.

The victim later died at the hospital.

Guitron said the victim was a guest at the home, and that he and the suspect, 22-year old Jorge Moreno got into an altercation.  The victim was shot in the chest, and Moreno suffered a stab wound.  However, Guitron said investigating officers did not realize at first that Moreno was injured.  When Moreno was interviewed by detectives, Guitron said, he "eventually disclosed the need of medical attention."

Portions of Kenner Avenue and Deglet Noor Street were blocked off for several hours while police investigated.

Moreno was taken to a local hospital, and eventually transferred to a hospital in Moreno Valley.  Guitron said he will be booked on murder charges.

The name of the victim hasn't been released.  However, a woman who lives in the area says she knows the man, and plans to move out of the area.

"Nobody should be here," said Eliana Salomon.  "We're moving out. We're trying to move out within the week because it's bad... really bad."

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