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Local school implements CrossFit workout program

CrossFit finds home in schools

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - CrossFit keeps Marywood-Palm Valley School seniors and twins Daniel and Milo Stewart in shape -- and in a brotherly battle.   

"It's a constant competition. We're twins so we fight over everything. Some days I do better, some days he does better. It's up and down, up down," Daniel Stewart said.

Up and down, like a mountain ridgeline, which was the inspiration for the name of the new CrossFit training program at their school.

"It stands for you're never finished with CrossFit. You can always get better. You go up, you go down, but there's always room to improve," Daniel said.

Marywood-Palm Valley School shines as the only certified CrossFit affiliated training school in the Coachella Valley, one of only six in California, and one of only 47 in the world.

Ridgeline incorporates CrossFit training twice a week for all students, kindergarten through high school.
Certified CrossFit instructor Bonnie Smith said the exciting workouts keep students healthy and in shape -- starting young.     

The older students taking CrossFit take it a step further inside "the box", their workout facility newly outfitted with CrossFit equipment.

"I like being sore after every workout, no matter how many times you do it," Milo Stewart said.

"Real life is unknowable, and we are always going  to come across adversity in real life, and CrossFit is the same way," Coach Smith said.

"In a way, I guess it really is like life. You fight for the things you want to accomplish and that's what CrossFit it. If you try your hardest you succeed," Daniel Stewart said.
While racing each other always proves fun, the Stewart twins agree on the most important competition aspect of CrossFit.   

"I like the competition of getting better. Competing with yourself," Daniel said.

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