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Local honorees go above and beyond for the Coachella Valley

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Nine local honorees were recognized on Saturday at Flemming's Prime Steakhouse in Rancho Mirage for their service and leadership throughout the valley -- receiving Angel Light Academy's Above and Beyond Award.

"It allows the community to honor the people who work everyday tirelessly to help hundreds of people," said Julia Wilmot, the founder of Angel Light Academy.

CBS Local 2 anchor Brooke Beare was one of the recipients with service backgrounds ranging from community, education, to media and youth.

"When you see the huge difference even small acts can make, just providing mentorship and a little help … it's really a special occasion," she said.

The academy teaches leadership skills, team building, and problem solving to adults and at-risk youth in the Coachella Valley.

"We want people to find their passion, then become a leader within that and help somebody else," said Wilmot.

Mika Moulton's son Christopher was kidnapped and killed when he was 10 years old. She turned her grief into action and created safety education programs through "Christopher's Clubhouse" in his memory.

"He would always say a clubhouse is my safe place. Kids need a safe place within themselves so them becoming a member of the clubhouse, they can learn to be safe," she said.

The event also helped raise funds for the academy. Wilmot said it's an honor to award this year's "Angels on Earth."

"This is about the common man and extending unconditional love and that's what we do -- unconditional love through leadership," said Wilmot.

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