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Local companies help FIND Food Bank

INDIO - The economy may be improving, but thousands of people in the Coachella Valley still struggle to put food on the table. These are all kinds of people, from Palm Springs to Coachella and everywhere in between.

Friday night join Brooke Beare, and Kris Long as CBS Local 2 helps fight hunger.

But first a look at how the FIND Food Bank gets all kinds of help.

"One dollar can feed up to seven people," said Al Arguello from Bank of America.

The FIND Food Bank keeps 80,000 people in the Coachella Valley from going hungry each year, but it can't do it alone, the non-profit relies solely on donations.  Donations including from companies like Kraft Foods and Bank of America.

Regenia Stein, Kraft Foods, "I't is a huge issue one that we all own and I just think and the company feels we should help them make a difference."

"We know that there are challenges ahead of us, its now more important than ever that corporations and individuals play a role in supporting some of these critical needs," said Arguello.

Bank of America will donate $10,000 this year to FIND Food Bank, that's on top of the $200,000 grant it awarded the organization in 2011.

"Our message to them is we believe in what you are doing what you are doing is important.  We recognize how excellent you are in providing those services," said Arguello.

FIND can to provide those services easier with a food pantry truck donated by Kraft just last year.

"It's a huge part of Kraft's mission to enable people to eat well within the United States of America," said Regenia Stein.

This year Kraft will match local donations from this year's telethon.

"You look a the numbers and the numbers are rising with people who are just really hungry and I think in  a great country like the United States of America.  We should all be willing and able to do something.  Our ask is do just get up and do something," said Regenia Stein.

"We all benefit when our communities are strong, our society is strong and everybody in it participates and contributes," said Arguello.

Tune in Friday night beginning at 5:30 on CBS Local 2 for the telethon.

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