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Lawsuit claims no privacy in "Fly Delta" mobile app

California Attorney General suing Delta Airlines over personal information

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The state of California is suing Delta Airlines over the way it uses its mobile app. And the case is one that might give pause to anyone who uses mobile apps to share personal information. The California Attorney General is suing Delta Airlines, claiming the company is breaking state law by not warning users that it's collecting sensitive information each time customers use the "Fly Delta" mobile app. Delta Airlines currently operates five flights in and out of the Palm Springs International Airport. California is the only state with a law that requires companies to tell users up front what personal information is being collected - and how it will be used. The lawsuit claims the site lacks privacy warnings, even though the airline collects customers' full names, telephone numbers, email and mailing addresses, as well as birth dates and credit card numbers. A Delta spokesman says company policy prevents him from commenting on pending litigation.  

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