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Labor Day Lemonade Stand

Labor Day Lemonade Stand

As we celebrate the achievements of the nation's labor force with a day off on this Labor Day, two young girls have decided to work. They are spending the day selling lemonade. However, they are not keeping the money, instead they are using it to help others.

Ashley Waters and Abigail Mulvey are best friends who happen to live right next door to each other in La Quinta.

"Its really fun," says Ashley.

Since the beginning of summer, the girls, ages 9 and 10, have been keeping busy.

"We're doing a lemonade stand," says Ashley.

Abigail says, "We've been doing it like every weekend of the summer."

The two are making a lot of money, so far over $200. But you won't find these girls buying new clothes, they have a different plan for their profits.

"We decided to give all our money to the animal shelter," says Abigail.

It all started with a trip to the Indio Animal Shelter.

"My mom wouldn't let me take all the animals home," says Abigail.

Tom Waters, Ashley's father, says, "Abigail has two dogs. Ashley has two cats and a rat, so we already have our own animal shelter between the two houses."

So the two ambitious girls came up with a plan. "Abby and I decided that we should feed the animals," says Ashley.

Cindy Mulvey, Abigail's mother, says, "You want them to be out and about, but oh my goodness. In the desert, it's really warm out here. So, we thought 'OK.' Then, they wanted to do it more often."

Abigial says, "We make all these little bookmarks out of duct tape and bows and wallets, then we sold those in our first sale. We made over $60."

Not only are these young ladies selling refreshing lemonade but, they are also collecting donations for the animal shelter.

"The idea of them giving back to me, is a great thing as a parent," says Waters.

The whole community is also getting involved.

"Some stop and get a lemonade for 25 cents and some drop off a 20 and take one glass of lemonade," says Waters.

"I like it because I'm in love with animals," says Abigail.

"It makes me feel proud," says Ashley.

Mulvey says, "To see a child, let alone your child, become such a good human to give back to the animals, to give back to society, it's a very proud moment."

Now that school has started, Abigail and Ashley won't be able to run their lemonade stand as often. However, the girls still want to raise more money for the Indio Animal Shelter, so don't be surprised if you see them out there on the weekends.

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