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Kraft Nabisco crowds help the desert economy

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - "We'll have 50 thousand people here for the week, so we partner with a  lot of  local businesses," Kraft Nabisco tournament director Gabe Cotting said.

Thousands flood the desert for the Kraft Nabisco Championship this week, and not only do local businesses feel it, but they are a crucial part of it.

"Acqua Pazza, Catalan in Rancho Mirage, we're also partnering with Sabatino's. There's a lot of local partners it takes to build this thing and make it happen," Cotting said.

"We're completely booked through Memorial Day," Reggie Cameron, director of marketing at Skylark Hotel, said.

Skylark Hotel in Palm Springs isn't the only hotel with no vacancy.

Hilton Hotel and Spa -- sold out. Hotel Zoso -- sold out, among others.

"What's interesting between Kraft Nabisco or biker weekend or White Party, there are all these different groups that come together that love this city. They all love the same city," Cameron said.

With hotels dotting all parts of the desert, here's why cameron says so many people pick Palm Springs.

"A lot of the history, the character of the area having a classic Hollywood playground sort of feel and atmosphere, people want that experience in Palm Springs," Cameron said.

This coming weekend will bring more crowds.

"This weekend we are one of the official hotels for Dinah Shore, and so we're really happy to have the girls here this weekend," Cameron said.

The Dinah brings in an estimated $3 million.

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