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Important earthquake preparedness reminder

PALM DESERT, Calif. - KESQ News Channel 3, CBS Local 2 News, and the American Red Cross joined forces on a project called Prepare Coachella Valley.

You've heard it before": get prepared for "the big one". When the ground shook on March 11th, it probably reminded you to make an emergency kit. But, did you?

"Just looking at my friends, the people I play golf with socialize with, not anywhere near enough. Just under ten percent," Kathleen Anamosa of the American Red Cross said.
Willis Huddleston said the number of his friends prepared adds up to ...
"About two to three percent. The ones who have some stuff is about 20%, but that's scattered around the house and they have no idea where it is," Willis Huddleston said.

At this preparedness seminar in Palm Desert, American Red Cross members went over safety plans and precautions.

"You can do it in a day. It's not hard to do. You can go to a hardware store and pick up the tools, the grocery store, or Target or Walmart," Anamosa said.

People learned what to pack.

"At a minimum, people in the desert should have 14 days of water and food. Water needs to be a gallon of water per person per day for everybody in the house," Anamosa said.

Don't forget the preparedness right at your fingertips. You can download the Red Cross app. It tells you a lot, including what to do during and right after an earthquake.

"You need to prepare for what it's going to be. It's going to be big, it's going to be huge, and it's going to be bad," Anamosa said.

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