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Illegal dumping near the Mexico border

San Diego, Calif. - The city of San Diego is cracking down on the owners of trash-filled, vacant lots near the border of Mexico. The unoccupied property has become an illegal dumping ground and home to squatters. There's trash everywhere, pieces of old dock, light fixtures, even a hot tub. These vacant acres sit south of the 905 in Otay Mesa. In the past, squatters built homes, one with a pool, even though there's no plumbing out there.

A spokesman for the city of San Diego says people still come out and says, "Where you have either undocumented aliens coming across from the border or you have people coming back here for illegal drug activity. You name it, it can happen back here."

With a High School nearby and families moving into a new neighborhood, the city started contacting various owners. A lot of property owners aren't even local. So they don't even know that there is a mess out here.

Steps have been taken to keep people from dumping in the vacant lots, a gate has been installed to block cars and trucks but the city is finding out it's mostly slowing people down, instead of keeping people out. The city plans on hosting a clean up day for owners before their mess becomes everyone's problem.

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