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Humana Challenge takes over La Quinta Farmers' Market

LA QUINTA, Calif. - The Humana Challenge is in town and is stirring up a lot buzz around the Valley. Humana made it's stop at the Certified Farmers' Market in Old Town La Quinta.

The event featured California vendors, fresh produce from Thermal to San Diego, and all things organic.

"We've got carrots, celery and winter squash," said Paul Palodichuk, the general manager of the Certified Farmers' Market.

The Humana Day at the market drew in weekly usuals and some curious food critics with one goal in mind, "To get healthier," said Bunnie VanOrman, of La Quinta.

The Humana Challenge week shows how you can pedal toward a more active lifestyle and blend in some healthier choices.
The crowd favorite, smoothie bikes, had neighbors working for a breakfast boost.

"It's good. Very good, especially because I made it," said VanOrman.

Adding a little pep in their step, the Humana Foundation passed out pedometers, which track each participants step for a charitable cause.
Plus, with biometrics screenings, Humana says the week is about making fun things healthy and healthy things fun.

"When something is not just work but is also fun, that is where you get the motivation to take care of yourself from a lifetime point of view," said Tom Noland, of the Humana Foundation.

Neighbors even got a few pointers from Valley chefs.

"The chefs get produce from each of the farmers and show people how to cook right from fresh to the table," said Palodichuk.

A mixture of local fruits, veggies and well-being activities for the entire family, whips up a recipe for success.

"I think their goal is fantastic. I think the Valley, we are healthy, but could be healthier. It's good for all of us," said Palodichuk.

"As you keep getting older, you've got to take better care of yourself. It's a good way to do it," said VanOrman.

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